World War I projectile full of Tsarist Russia money found in Estonia

World War I projectile full of Tsarist Russia money found in Estonia

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Western Sappers Estonia identified as a old artillery shell a metal object found during excavation work on a Parnu County farm on June 5. The value of the find became apparent when they examined it, as attempting to detonate it at a they discovered that the projectile did not contain explosives, but money.

The 150-millimeter caliber howitzer, which dates back to the First World War, I was filled with bundles of Russian Empire banknotes issued between 1898 and 1910.

The banknotes were in good condition and did not show signs of an explosionsays the Postimees newspaper.

Total, the shell of the projectile contained 5,100 rubles in different denominations, an amount that is not easy to convert into current currencies.

The head of archeology at the Estonian National Heritage Board, Ulla Kadakas, considered the hideout to be 'rare«, Since the money had been deliberately sealed in the projectile "In the face of an imminent threat."

For the authorities it is not an archaeological find "in the sense of the Heritage Conservation Law", since they do not rule out that they can "identify the owner" of the banknotes.

Until now, the banknotes have not undergone an authenticity survey.

Via RT
Images: Eesti Päästeamet (Estonian Rescue Service).

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