‘Minotaur’: the animated short that revises the myth seeks patrons

‘Minotaur’: the animated short that revises the myth seeks patrons

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The minotaur story has been made into animated films by the production company Perruncho Studio. Now they have started a crowdfunding campaign to distribute the short film to festivals around the world.

"Minotauro" is a short film that reinterprets the original story. In the same way that the ancient aedos adapted the stories to their audience, it uses the myth without losing fidelity to reflect on the distance that exists between a legend and the real events that occurred and deals with issues such as seclusion, hunger, loneliness, political pragmatism or the rejection of the different.

The short has been made in the stop motion technique, that is, with scenes and dolls built and animated by hand, in a meticulous production that has taken a year of work.

They have had the collaboration for the music of Neønymus (Conquistadores Adventvm soundtrack) and for voices with Pere Molina as Theseus (voiced by Gary Oldman or Denzel Wahsington in Spain) and Camilo Garcia As the Minotaur (voiced by Anthony Hopkins).

They show us a brief summary of the work done in the following video created for the crowdfunding campaign:

About the production Enrique Diego, director and scriptwriter of the short film, tells us that “we wanted to be inspired by both the Minoan aesthetics and the puppet theater for the characters, as well as Escher and Piranesi for the stages and working with light in an expressionist way, so we had to create all the elements that appear on screen. We are a team of three people so the process has been exciting and exhausting at the same time ”.

Prospects for the short ‘Minotauro’

And on the perspectives of the work, they expressed that “we believe that the result will not leave anyone indifferent and will be very well received. Now what we need is to be able to distribute the short so that it travels to festivals around the world. We trust crowdfunding as a means of reaching our public directly and that at the same time it contributes to its spread as a patron, it can see and have the work in scoop ”.

The trailer for the short film is now available and you can see it here:

The producer Perruncho Studio already had great success with his previous short film "Cave”, Inspired by Paleolithic engravings of Siega Verde and the Côa Valley, which was awarded in 7 international festivals and selected in another 90. The short is currently on the internet and can be seen here:

From this link you can access the campaign to help the short film be distributed at festivals around the world.

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