The site of the Roman Villa of Noheda (Cuenca)

The site of the Roman Villa of Noheda (Cuenca)

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The site of the Roman Villa of Noheda it was a Roman villa of the 1st centuries BC. C., located in the central part of the Iberian Peninsula, close to the cities of Segóbriga (58 km), Ercávica (44.5 km), Valeria (43.5 km) and Basin (18 km). It is located just 500 mts. northwest of the hamlet of Noheda, from which it takes its name, belonging to the municipality of El Villar de Domingo García (Cuenca).

Noheda excavated areas

Pars Urbana and the tricora room: In the so-called Sector A a part of the urban pars (residential area) of the town has been discovered, made up of various rooms of the residential building. Among them, the so-called Triabsidada Hall stands out, which has a quadrangular plan and presents three of its sides topped with exedras, while the access or entrance is located to the west. It measures 290.64 m2 and in it has been found the exceptional figurative mosaic that has a preserved surface of 231.62 m2, made mostly with opus vermiculatum.

The Great Balneum or thermal complex: In Sector B the large balneum of almost 900 m2 has been located. The building is made up of various rooms for use, arranged around the central axis that mark the entrance into the narthex, the apodyterium and the loose frigidarium, following an axial-symmetrical scheme.

La Pars Rustica: The last area of ​​the Noheda villageIt is located to the north of the residential area, it is called Sector C. In it a series of wall structures made in a double row of concerted masonry, stuck with mud, have been located, in a very precarious state of conservation. It maintains only one course of height in some points, while in others the plow has destroyed even the foundation levels.

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