Biography of Chrysippus de Solos, the philosopher who died of a fit of laughter

Biography of Chrysippus de Solos, the philosopher who died of a fit of laughter

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Chrysippus of Solos was born in the year 281/78 BC. (varies by source) in Athens.

It was one of the greatest philosophers of ancient Greece, and the maximum exponent of the stoic school.

In addition, he is considered the founder of grammar as a discipline.

Diogenes Laertius says of him that:

If the gods dealt with dialectics, they would use Chrysippus's dialectics.


He was born in Solos and, according to some sources, was the son of Apollonius of Tarsus, and very young he traveled to Athens becoming disciple of Cleantes, the maximum exponent of the Stoic school at that time.

Converted to stoicism, enjoyed a great reputation among his contemporaries, recognized for his boldness and confidence.

He was the successor of his teacher, Cleantes, as highest representative of the stoic school.

What is known of Cirisipo It came to us either through some fragments, such as those found in the Herculaneum papyri, or by later authors such as Plutarch, Galen, Seneca or Cicero, among others.

The death of Chrysippus of Solos

But nevertheless, Chrysippus has gone down in history by his death, considered one of the most absurd or the best, depending on how you look at it.

His death is described by Diogenes Laercio, but it actually gives two different explanations.

In the first, he says that Chrysippus suffered vertigo for drinking undiluted wine at a party, dying soon after.

In the second explanation or cause of death, he explains that when he saw a donkey eat figs, he said: "Now give the donkey a glass of wine to accompany the figs", suffering a fit of laughter and dying for it.

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