Review of Genshin Impact, the new free role-playing game for PC, PS4 and smartphone

Review of Genshin Impact, the new free role-playing game for PC, PS4 and smartphone

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Genshin Impact It is a new open-world action RPG, characterized by presenting anime-style images. The game is available for free for PS4, PC, iOS and Android devices. Also, a version for Nintendo Switch is in production, but does not have an arrival date yet.

Shortly after its release on September 28, 2020, the game from Chinese developer MiHoYo captured the interest of many gamers around the world, registering a total of 17 million downloads in just four days.

Despite implementing a microtransaction formula, which causes a negative image, the developers have been very careful not to push the player to pay, but to offer quality content. The consequence of this is a professional game.

Genshin Impact: action based on the elements of nature

One of the great aspects of the title is, without a doubt, his fighting method. The player can form a squad of four characters freely swapping between them both in moments of exploration and combat.

Each has their own arsenal of abilities, called Talents and Mastery of an element of nature, which are used to manipulate enemies' limitations and create powerful combos. The following elements are: Geo -stone-, Hydro -water-, Electro -electricity, Pyro -fire-, Cryo -ice- and Anemo -wind-

Each character is very well built in its game design and can appeal to any gamer profile. In addition to simple attacks, it is possible to perform charge attacks, air strikes, and use various powers, including the Supreme's strength.

With the right mix, it's easy to build the ability to deal heavy damage and conquer obstacles.

It is important to note that the game has an interesting set of enemies, including several variants focused on aspects of nature.

Even if certain archetypes are inevitably recycled, the battle is so fluid and addictive that it makes the player want to get into a confrontation of sorts upon discovering Teyvat.

Too there are deputy bosses and bosses with great rewards to be unveiled and that provide iconic moments.

The world of Teyvat

In the first minutes of the Genshin Impact, the player encounters a deadlock between twin brothers known as travelers and a mystical divine presence that appears to prevent them from traveling between worlds. As a result of the fight, the goddess separates the brothers and takes them to a fantasy world full of mysteries known as Teyvat.

Unable to return because he has lost his powers, the traveler, not knowing the whereabouts of his brother, embarks on the search for who this strange being was, and if he is one of the gods who control this new universe.

Under this idea, Genshin Impact takes the player through introductory missions and soon has him discover two of the three regions promised by the game.

Mondstadt, a city that loves democracy and is located on an island with large fields and mountains on the horizon and Liyue, a true portrait of China and a place full of enigmas as well as remnants of the ancient civilization.

Following the structure of other famous role-playing games, it is possible to meet characters important to history, who help the traveler on his way to rediscover his brother and understand the culture of Teyvat.

Structure and exploration

It is clear that the developers looked to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for inspiration to create beautiful and curious scenarios, and this is something that really works.

Inadvertently, players have to waste a lot of time wandering aimlessly, encountering NPCs, solving puzzles and quests, finding treasures, and finding increasingly powerful enemy camps.

There has been a great concern from MiHoYo to leave these fun, dynamic and rewarding tasks. But nevertheless, embarking on Genshin Impact expecting the same level of freedom as The Legend of Zelda can lead to frustrations as you go.

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