GM EV1, the first electric car produced in series in the 90`

GM EV1, the first electric car produced in series in the 90`

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The appearance of a copy of the GM EV1 abandoned in a parking lot, recalls the frustrated attempt of the North American manufacturer

The images of the GM EV1 abandoned in an Atlanta public parking lot (USA), belong to a Twitter user named Jacob Hoyle, who, surprised by the finding, shared the images that he himself recorded in the parking lot.

While popularly through social media, at some point conspiracy theories circulated about the weight of large corporations related to the oil industry that made this (and other) projects fail, reality went the other way.

History of the GM EV1

This EV1 was the first electric car in history produced in series (by General Motors), which was released between 1996 and 1999.

In that period of time, they manufactured and commercialized 1,117 units and almost all of them later withdrawn from the market, recovered and destroyed by the manufacturer itself.

The withdrawal from the market of the GM EV1: it was not due to pressure from the oil companies

Among the conditions of sale, GM undertook to perform maintenance on the vehicle, in addition to supplying and supplying replacement components for several years, therefore, added to the high cost of manufacturing the EV1, the financial support of this product was unfeasible for the brand.

Undoubtedly, among the units that survived the return to the factory, destined for museums as exhibition pieces, is this copy that, according to The Drive, would belong to a University of Atlanta.

Currently this car has a great historical value and is part of the evolution of the global automotive industry.

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