The Ayacucho Altarpieces of Peru

The Ayacucho Altarpieces of Peru

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By mentioning Peru We are indirectly talking about art and culture since these two terms in my understanding are synonymous and the clearest example of this of course is the Inca empire, the most famous pre-Columbian culture in South America and one of the three most important in the entire so-called “the new World" in the sixteenth century.

But not only the vestiges of the Incas of Macchu Picchu or Cuzco (among other) we find in this fabulous country, but several cities, regions or towns keep a great artistic past and even these days we find unique artistic activities all over the world.

One of them can be seen in Ayacucho, a region of Peru famous for Battle of Ayacucho, which was the last great land battle for the Spanish American War of Independence, developed between 1809 and 1826.

It is here, in this region where one of the most perfect expressions of art of the local artisans is developed, the famous Ayacuchano AltarpieceThese are the famous works or canvases of enormous dimensions that are located behind the altars in churches.

This is a tradition that dates back to the time of the conquest since these cultures greatly accepted the churches that were stationed here and collaborated with them by creating works of art, usually with these Ayacuchanos Altarpieces They consist of huge boxes that contained sacred images such as saints that served to care for travelers and homes.

These images are still being created today and more and more perfect, in an artistic style that was retaken in the 1940s and that was improved to reach the levels that it presents today, where it is recommended to observe them in the churches that are in Ayacucho where many altarpieces remain created exclusively by local artisans.

The Ayacuchanos Altarpieces They are rectangular boxes usually made of cedar and where figures created in a very particular way are placed, mainly by the materials used in their creation.

The cast of course it is present, but the paste is obtained by mixing it with boiled potato (¿?), which confirms that this technique is unique in the world and really, a true beauty to observe.

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