Official Records of the Rebellion

Official Records of the Rebellion

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The Fiftieth Regiment was also divided into several detachments. One detachment, under Lieutenant Roosa, was left at White House Point for the purpose of unloading the barges and guarding the engineer property at that point. A second detachment, under Captain Gilbert, was also left for the purpose of preparing a pontoon train. A train of thirty-four boats, with their accessories, for the construction of a bridge, one bay in each, was fitted out and anchored, ready for immediate use. Two pontoon trains complete are now moored at White House Point, ready for use for transport by land or water. A third detachment, under Captain Spaulding, was assigned to the duty of constructing trestle bridges. I condense from the report of Colonel Stuart, his commanding officer, as follows:

The detachment under Captain Spaulding, consisting of Companies C and E, put in a trestle bridge over the Chickahominy at Bottom’s ridge Crossing and made the necessary approaches on Thursday, May 22, and a second of the same character on Friday, May 23. These bridges were each 120 feet long. They are in constant use. Since the 23d this detachment has been making examinations for crossings; has made some roads and transported trestles, &c., for one bridge to a point one mile above New Bridge. Captain Spaulding reports that he has two trestle bridges ready to be thrown over the Chickahominy as soon as a crossing is decided upon.


To show the character of the bridges last referred to I will state that on Saturday last, May 24, seventy-nine regiments, more than 900 wagons, and several batteries of artillery passed over these two bridges at Bottom’s Bridge Crossing between sunrise and sunset, as reported to me by First Lieutenant Hine, of Company E, in charge of guard at that crossing.

A fourth detachment, under Major Embick, was assigned to duty on Richmond and York River Railroad. He reports as follows:

I commenced work on the railroad bridge near Tunstall’s Station on Monday, May 19, and on Saturday, the 24th, about 5.30p. m., the first locomotive passed over. The bracing and filling up around mud-sills was completed on the 26th. This bridge consists of one span 50 feet, 21 feet high of trestle work, and would have been completed much sooner but for the lack of facilities for getting timber from the woods to the bridge, the scarcity and very indifferent assortment of tools, and some bad weather. The detachment also repaired a portion of the track, which work was finished on Tuesday, May 27.

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Official Records of the Rebellion: Volume Eleven, Chapter 23, Part 1: Peninsular Campaign: Reports, pp.143

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